Are you part of an organization that you believe in
and you really want to be successful?

But everything seems to take so much more effort
than it could?

Maybe you spend more time on deciding than taking action?
More time on dealing with internal issues than realizing the organization’s vision?

It can be so frustrating to be part of something meaningful that is not fulfilling its potential. We can feel so helpless.

It’s a prime environment for burnout – where you are putting in more and more effort, with not enough to show for it.

And there’s a big risk that the people who have the most to contribute will leave.

But what can be done?

We think of organizations in this state as being like trains with “rust on the rails” –
moving forward takes more time and effort than necessary.

Fortunately, there are clear and simple ways to start to “grease the rails” so that

  • Results are achieved with much less effort
  • Decisions are made quickly and efficiently – and get implemented effectively because all the right people have been involved
  • Conflict / differences of opinion are used to speed up achievement of organizational objectives, rather than slowing them down.

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